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How to Register Google Adsense through Blogger

How to Register Google Adsense through Blogger - Bismillah. Hello guys, in this opportunity I will explain how to sign up for google adsense using blogger / blogspot.

As well known, until now Adsense is still the main target of the businessmen in the virtual world, as a promising miners dollar. Almost all the bloggers in the virtual world to recognize google Adsense, even making it as a side job that promises, as well as an opportunity to high income, it is also very easy to use. Working with google adsense, you just need the will to renew article in your blog or website you have, even in the article do not have to renew every day, just enough for a couple of times a month, you renew the article in your blog or website, you is likely to generate dollars from Adsense, of course, supported by traffic or visitors to your web / blog that much.

Yet behind the simplicity experiences to Adsense, there is a high fence to fence barrier promised ease, the way we get written permission from Google to display ads from adsense on your blog / website that we have.

Many ways you can do to get adsense account, one of them by using the services of a third person (in cooperation with Adsense website), or even use the services of others (adsense account creation services) are scattered in cyberspace. But in reality, these methods are very prone to tantrums hit google Adsense system, either because of the same IP, or perhaps a third party website that does not follow the TOS google adsense advertising using our account on their website. This is because the third-party websites that provide registration services Adsense make arrangements to work with us, provided the earnings are divided, or we have to give permission to a third party in order to display advertisements on our website using adsense account. While sometimes they do not pay attention to the TOS set by Google Adsense. While the services of google Adsense account creation, sometimes they register google adsense account we use computers and the internet as the same, so the IP is the same record, it is likely to be considered a duplicate account, so this way also has the potential for very high banned .

In connection with the shortcomings of these ways, I figure out how to register for Google Adsense, and finally I get any other way that I think is more pure, or more natural, ie using blogger / blogspot as our tools.

Why in this case I'm using blogger? This is because the blogger is very common, for reasons we do not need to spend any money to get extensions blogger / bogspot.

So how where the opportunities receipt?? Is not adsense only accept websites with TLD (Top Level Domain)?

Opportunities for receiving quite large, and it has been tested, even has passed the test of trial and error by myself. Even Adsense ads on this blog are the result of the registration via blogspot / blogger, and arrive within 1 week. For acceptance rate, can be a variation, can be very fast, but also can be very slow.

If you want to quickly accepted, please use you register, to how to follow in this article: "3 Hours Accepted by Google Adsense Through", but you must be prepared to accept the risks I have described above.

Registration Adsense Conditions Through Blogger / Blogspot

To sign up for Adsense using blogger / blogspot, you must prepare several conditions, including:
  • You must have a gmail account that has not been registered with Adsense (recommended to create a new account)
  • You should have a blog with the extension. using your email to be registered with Adsense, if you have not created a blog with blogspot extension, you can create a new blog, to qualify, you must create at least 10 articles of the original article (not results suggested article plagiarism), the more the better, you have set the date 6 to 12 months ago, a month you can put 2 to 4 articles, not necessarily every day.
  • For the article does not have a language English, can use the Indonesian language, or other language supported by Adsense, but for safe measure, you are advised to use English, with English may be more readily accepted by Adsense.
  • Do not forget to set the language to English by blogger
Setting >> Language and Formatting

Ways Adsense Account Registration Through Blogger / Blogspot

  1. Click the menu earnings on the blog you want to register.
  2. Then click sign up Adsense
  3. Once you get into the Adsense registration form, please fill in the correct data, do not get wrong, because the data is for the benefit of future results delivery Adsense.

However, registration through this blogspot nor insure you for Adsense applications received, if it turns out you can be accepted, then you will get an email confirmation, which is more or less like this:

Welcome to AdSense!

We have completed a partial review of your application. But, You will not see the actual ad / until we have completed the review of your site entirely. You will got a blank ad instead, which combined with the background site. Once the review is complete, your application will be fully approved or not approved. If approved, you will see ads indeed.

Note that as soon as ads start appearing on your site, we will continue to check the compliance of your account at our sole discretion. If any violations are detected, ad serving to your pages may be your account can be terminated or not approved. Every time you see ad is not shown, we suggest that you log in to your account AdSense and examine all existing alerts.

And so on ...

In the email, explained that the ads will not appear immediately, because the policy of the new Adsense, Adsense do twice the review of the newly registered account.

My advice, if you wanted to be accepted in full, please immediately put your ad code on your blog, so google Adsense team immediately conduct a review of your blog.

Okay, so this post, may be useful, and good luck. Alhamdulillah.

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